Communication Occurs Everyday With People At Work Or Home

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Communication occurs everyday with people at work or home. Communication is important for people to pass information and entertainment. This paper will discuss different aspects of communication. These aspects include the explanation of the two communication types and how nonverbal communication can help the communication with others. Another item that will be discussed will involve results based on a survey taken that is on communication.

People have communication using two different types. These types include verbal and nonverbal communication. Verbal communication is defined as how a person uses words and language, where Nonverbal communication is defined as the message components that is used instead of words to generate meaning (Engleberg, 2013, "Chapter 6: Verbal and Nonverbal Communication in Groups"). Verbal communication can occur in several different ways, like talking to someone in person, on the telephone, or using email for example. Using these techniques allows people to use words to share information. Examples of nonverbal communication would include body language or tone of voice. These allow people within the group to read hidden messages about another person without their knowledge. The speaker of the group will be sending multiple messages using both verbal (words) and nonverbal (body language).

Improving a person’s nonverbal communication can take several steps and include several nonverbal areas. Nonverbal communication has several different areas
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