Communication Of An Accounting Management Job

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Communication in an Accounting Management Job A skilled business manager must be able to manage, she must also be able to delegate, spearhead new ideas and assess business successes and failures. However, to be able to do any of this successfully, a business manager must be able to communicate. According to the Psychologically Healthy Workplace Program, "Communication plays a key role in the success of any workplace program or policy." Business/Accountant managers who know how to communicate successfully may improve the chance of success of the program/area that they 're managing (Morley, 2016). Organizations today recognize that it is not only important to engage in corporate social responsibility (CSR), but that it is also equally important to ensure that information about CSR is communicated to audiences. At times, however, the CSR image perceived by audiences is not an accurate portrayal of the organization 's CSR identity and is, therefore, incongruent with the desired CSR image. In this paper, we build upon the nascent work on organizational impression management by examining CSR communication from an impression management perspective. The model developed here proposes that incongruence between desired and current CSR images motivates an organization to decrease the incongruence through CSR communication. This relationship is moderated by four factors: importance of CSR image to the organization; power, status, and attractiveness of the target audience; importance of
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