Communication Of An Accounting Management Job

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Communication in an Accounting Management Job A skilled business manager must be able to manage, she must also be able to delegate, spearhead new ideas and assess business successes and failures. However, to be able to do any of this successfully, a business manager must be able to communicate. According to the Psychologically Healthy Workplace Program, "Communication plays a key role in the success of any workplace program or policy." Business/Accountant managers who know how to communicate successfully may improve the chance of success of the program/area that they 're managing (Morley, 2016). Organizations today recognize that it is not only important to engage in corporate social responsibility (CSR), but that it is also equally…show more content…
The model also identifies four dimensions of CSR communication structure (anticipatory-reactive, assertive-protective, direct-indirect, and image enhancing-image correcting) and includes a feedback loop through which audience interpretation of the CSR communication can influence the organization 's CSR image incongruence. Two illustrative examples are provided to indicate how the model may be applied to organizations. This paper has several implications for research and practice. It draws connections between impression management theory and CSR and adds to the emerging literature on organizational impression management. It can also help organizations decide on the appropriate CSR communication structure to use in specific situations and be more effective in their CSR communication (Tata, 2015). Strategic human resources management (SHRM) scholars recently have suggested that high-performance work practices (HPWP) implementation might serve as a critical mediator between HPWP and workplace outcomes. This study proposes and tests a model that positions line managers’ perceptions regarding the extent to which they implement their organization’s HPWP as a mediator of relations between HPWP and employee attitudes. The authors also found that line managers’ human resources competency and political skill affect their HPWP implementation perceptions. Overall, these findings contribute to a more informed
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