Communication On The Internet Is Psychologically Healthy Or Unhealthy

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One of the main debates now are whether or not communication on the internet is psychologically healthy or unhealthy. People of all ages have been classified as internet addicts in today’s society. Every day, as you surf the internet, opening new tabs and windows, flicking between e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and whatever it is people read, your patterns of thought are changing. And neuroscientists have amassed solid evidence that when we change our thinking we change our brain. That is why there is a big concern on whether heavy internet use is affecting people 's concentration, memory, and capacity for deep understanding and thought. Whether you spend your days reading three novels or flittering from Tweet to Tweet, it can affect the kind of brain you build for yourself. Also will your decision to learn volleyball, play the guitar, memorize the entire California street map, start a new company, or write a song. It is said that there are many drawbacks to our way of reading and thinking, but it all depends on how people take advantage of having all this new technology being invented and created each day. In reality using the internet for positive effects can help change our brains for the best. The internet is said to damage our brains because it doesn’t allow us to focus completely, but it is actually a major advantage we all have. Nicholas Carr, in What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains, states, “Their heavy use has neurological consequences.” by this he means

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