Communication, Organisational Structure, Culture & Goals

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Student name: Tram B. T TRAN
Student number: 81186
Subject: Introduction to leadership and management
Assessment 2: Essay: Communication, organisational structure, culture & goals

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Australia has one of the most advanced and complex health care system in the world, which includes many departments and colleague members. It is essential for nurse managers to have a good understand of the relation between communication, human behaviour, organisational structure and culture. It helps nurse managers in improving the managerial effectiveness and achieving the organisational goals. This essay will discuss the role of communication in health care system. Specifically, it will analyse the relation of communication process to organisational structure and culture. Secondly, the role of communication in employee’s motivation will be highlighted. It also considers the important role of effective communication in achieving the organisations goals and accomplishing leadership & management for nurse managers. Finally, in light of this discussion, this paper will draw the conclusions that effective communication is fundamental to effectively manage organisations. Communication plays an essential role in the organisational structure, culture and staff’s motivation. It also has a strong relationship with the leadership and management role. All of these components support each other, and work together to achieve of the organisational goals.

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