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Chapter 3 - Listening Listening at Work 1. Dennis Hastert, former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives claimed, “They call me the Speaker, but they ought to call me the ___________.” A. Listener B. Moderator C. Facilitator D. Master of Ceremonies 2. Listening skill contributes to career success in all of the following aspects EXCEPT A. your effectiveness in an organization B. your upward mobility C. your productivity D. Effective listening skills contribute to all of these. 3. A survey of 1000 executives ranked _____________ at the top, as the ideal manager’s skill. A. listening B. conflict resolution C. writing D. public speaking Barriers to Effective Listening 4.…show more content…
Dakota’s listening behavior represents the ____________ style of listening. A. relational B. analytical C. task-oriented D. critical 9. Hiro takes pleasure in exploring ideas during meetings. He likes to discuss an idea thoroughly, being sure that all the pros and cons have been systematically considered. Only after much debate is he willing to decide on a course of action. Hiro is demonstrating the _________________ style of listening. A. relational B. analytical C. task-oriented D. critical Listening More Effectively 10. Mindless listening A. should be avoided at all costs. B. is a useful strategy when we need to tune out distractions that are not worthy of careful attention. C. involves attending carefully to the message. D. takes up so much of our energy that we can’t focus on those messages that are most important to hear. 11. Tyson’s instructor assigned him to listen to a political presentation on campus. According to your text, in which order should Tyson complete the necessary mental tasks? A. listen, understand, evaluate B. listen, evaluate C. evaluate, formulate a response, listen D. understand, listen, evaluate 12. Which of the following is NOT suggested by the text as a technique for effective listening? A. When the sender pauses, seek clarification by restating her ideas in your own words. B. Be
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