Communication Paper Analysis: Implementing Social Media Strategies

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Communication Paper Analysis Financial Plan Implementing social media strategies and platforms within business practices would not prove to be an extremely costly endeavor. Rather than having to purchase expensive software or network structures, there are a number of available companies that help split the burden of operating many new programs at a fraction of the cost of generation a completely new concept. The current organization can then capitalize on the costs associated with implementing such services. These costs feature a relatively low overhead because of the nature of most social media platforms themselves. There are a number of many free options available, including LinkedIn for internal communications between employees, along with Facebook and Twitter to expand marketing possibilities. Facebook also offers both free business pages which can generate buzz in the market, but also paid advertising on the various sites run by the company (Evans & McKee 2010). This then provides the organization with a multi-faceted approach to using social media that is still justifiable in terms of increased costs because they are so minimal. Here, the research states that "Facebook is a great place, by the way, to anchor a small-business presence," (Evans & McKee 2010 p 147). There is also a new edition of Google Plus, which also has impressive video conferencing features at no cost. More innovative integration services like Go to Meeting to add further value to conference
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