Communication Plan

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Communication Plan
Frieder Vasquez
Davenport University


Communication plans are imperative in business when needing to establish objectives and to reach goals. In the process, effective methods of communication can be used to facilitate that the messages will arrive to target audiences. In the present scenario, it was confirmed how strong communication plans are the tools to better facilitate processes as sensitive as merging companies. This merger is by itself stressful to employees and management. However with proper communication strategy, the process can became as smooth as possible.

Communication Plan

Some companies need to go to restructuring and changes in their models of
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The article entitled “Merger Effects on Customer Loyalty” (n.d.), describes that the effects of emerging companies on customer loyalty has two impacts on business results:
First, the final number of loyal customers depends on the kind of product line evolved in each participating organization. For example it the emerging companies are synergistic in their production line, then the classic scenario 1 +1 = 3 occurs. Therefore the customer loyalty is stronger in the merger than in each individual company. However if the synergy is negative (different production line), the net effect is weaker that in each company.
Second, since the number of customers is partially based on the number of each participating company, if customer loyalty is grater or lesser than the combined entity, means that this evaluation is incorrect.
The important aspect on customer loyalty is to determine the impact of the merger on this issue before committing to the project.
As Princeton File Cabinets’ executive manager, I will ensure that the transition to the merger company should be as smooth as possible. One way to accomplish this is through periodical written communication with customers. By providing continued information about the merging process, customers will be aware of what to expect and what kind of products will they get from the emerging organization. If there is a very important customer,
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