Communication Plan For A First Year Teacher

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Educational Leadership Self Inventory
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Creation of a Classroom Website Section 2: Communications Plan
Any communication plan for a first year teacher will be as follow. To generate skills of communication with Pre-Kindergarten students on all the levels, one needs to involve the use of computer technology in and out of a classroom. The use of computer skills that are connected to the system will, to a great extent, allow a teacher and students to work together. They are able to do story-telling, learn how to write properly, learn words such as pronunciation or sounds, and math such as counting numbers. This is the best way to make students to be physically involved emotionally become active during learning. In the event when great work of sharing and learning is in reach, the interaction among students normally gives the students a desire to continuously learn. A school website would be created so that the parents would be able to communicate with the teachers through emails. This way, the parents will be able to stay in contact with the happenings at the school, such as knowing the progress of their kids. Teachers have been trying to learn better and new techniques so as to help students to effectively learn and also to easily partner with others at school. As a teacher, creating a school website would help in keeping the community…
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