Communication Plan For An Effective Communication

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A communication plan describes the objectives a company will accomplish in terms of sharing information inside and outside the organization. This communication plan derives from the company’s business plan and is aligned with the overall objectives of the organization. The first and most important task to be able to design an effective communication plan, is for the responsible team to evaluate the company’s goals and objectives for the period encompassing the plan and be able to correlate the plan with the overall business plan. Throughout this essay, I will use the lecture from Rodrigo Garcia-Nieto, UPS Americas, on The Importance of the Communication Function in the Multinational Firm to illustrate examples of an effective communication plan. There are numerous definitions of what constitutes a good and effective business plan, and within each company one can tailor the plan to fulfill and give most importance to the part that will accomplish the objective. Below we will describe one of these definitions and explain briefly each one. An effective communication plan starts with identifying the brand or the main focus from which the plan will revolve. Afterwards, the plan will constitute of eight different marketing and advertising techniques that will help communicate the objective about the brand. These are: • Paid Search • Customer Communication • Exhibits and Fairs • Sales Support • Sponsorship • Social Media • Public Relations • Advertising It is important to
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