Communication Plan For Change : An Organization

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Communication plan for change
Taking a look at this organizational chart allows us to see the hierarchy of the organization. This hierarchy consist of all levels of management from record management to Center of Health Statistics Director/CEO. This specific Organizational chart includes Team Members, Supervisors, Directors and CEO/ Managing Director. In regards to implementing a completely new system of information management the whole organization should have some part in it but in the end the CEO would have the most control and power to manipulate the changes that may or may not need to occur in his/her organization. This organizational model represents all aspects of information management and this includes raw data, information filled records, hospital surveys, and etc. With this chart in mind accessing certain information through paper trail can be considered tedious, whereas if all of the content was placed electronically into one repository that is accessible through authority can prevail very effective and efficient for the organization (Menachemi, 2011). This method would allow retrieval of information to happen at a faster rate intern leading to more accurate records being registered. Since this Organizational chart is based on health statistics, electronic health record are essential for the success of researchers due to them needing accurate and concise information to maintain the integrity of their paper. Furthermore the information gathered by health statistics
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