Communication Plan For The Performance Management System Project

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In a project, it is very important to make sure you’re planning stages are complete and concise. Planning the project and all the steps involved can be cumbersome and seem tedious, however, when it comes to making sure the project is seen through to completion, the Project Manager has to make sure there are steps followed in order to make it to that point. One of the steps involved in making it to the end is to create the Communication plan and the Risk Analysis. The communication plan will outline all communication methods and how certain aspects should be relayed to either the team or the stakeholders. The Risk analysis will outline all risks involved with taking on this project and what their potential outcomes might be.
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There will also be monthly update meetings where the team reports on the progress of the project in general.
The project team will report to the senior manager the general progress of the team. They will give reports on event deliverable of the project. The other type of work reports that will be given will be the reports about the project to the project sponsor. The main initiator of the project will be reported to by the senior project manager on how the project is progressing. The team will receive updates from senior management and shareholders on any changes that will be required in the project being aware that changes may delay the project.
Enterprise Environmental Factors
The project management has put into consideration factors such as the computer program not being compatible with the operating system used within the company. The performance management system project team will ensure that it adheres to the privacy regulations of the company concerning virus protection. It will also use an information system that is efficient and that will not hinder communications throughout the lifecycle of the project.
Organizational Process Assets
The organization assets involved in the project include the IT managers, the schedules of training with individual managers and the professionals in the company. We are hoping that the managers of the company overseeing the performance reviews will give the project team
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