Communication Plan Kudler Fine Foods

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Communication Plan
Team B
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MKT/571: Marketing

Kudler Fine Foods has decided to launch a product in both domestic and international markets. Kudler Fine Foods has determined that expanding their markets will allow domestic and international market growth generating an increase in profits. Many factors need to be considered when launching new products into domestic markets as well as international markets. Establishing a strategic communication plan will help the success rate of the launched product.
This paper will focus on the details within an effective communication plan for Kudler Fine Foods. Having an effective communication plan evaluates the following areas: factors involved in developing and managing
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Evaluation: Technology Trends
There are a number of different avenues for marketing products, and choosing the right one to fit the population is essential. One new marketing option that has become popular is online marketing; because it is a new method the effectiveness in the market needs to be examined. Kudler Fine Foods is launching fine wine sales in Brazil and China. The Miniwatts Marketing Group (2011) website tracks Internet access of citizens of different countries, and in the United States 77.3% of the population has Internet access. Brazil has 36.2%, and China that has 31.6% of the population with Internet access. Online interactive marketing would reach a large market share within the United States, but would reach only a small portion of the population in China and Brazil. The recommendation would be to look at other marketing options for those countries.
To reach customers in China and Brazil the best option would be direct marketing. Television marketing is a form of direct marketing and although many may consider it an established form of marketing, it still has potential to be used in new ways. One way to use television is to create advertisements that make people start talking and thinking about the product. Another form of direct marketing is direct mail marketing. Kudler can obtain a list of potential customers and send them flyers promoting the product and explaining why the customer should try it. Kudler can also work with banks providing new

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