Communication Plan

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Communications Plan (PDLC) Document Information Software Version: Publication Date: Catalog Number: Creation Date: 20 September, 2005 Contents 1. Introduction 7 Purpose and Scope 7 Related Documents 7 Terms and Definition 7 2. Key Roles and Responsibilities 9 Quality Assurance Responsibilities 15 3. PDU OBS/Focal Point List 17 4. Coordination Meeting Plan 18 Purpose and Scope 18 Recurring Coordination Meetings 18 Event-Driven Coordination Meetings 22 5. Reporting Plan 27 Purpose and Scope 27 Communications Report List 27 6. Open Issues and Action Items 29 Purpose and Scope 29 Organization of AIs and OIs 29 User instructions are presented in green against a light-yellow background. To delete a user instruction section, select the…show more content…
m manager) ■ Product management ■ Application design ■ Application development ■ Foundation development ■ PQA ■ Technical publications CORE TEAM STAKEHOLDERS – INVITED TO TE CORE TEAM MEETINGS BUT MAY BE OPTIONAL ■ Customer care readiness ■ PSO readiness ■ Training ■ Demo development readiness ■ Configuration/Manufacturing ■ Advocacy engineering development ■ Advocacy engineering PQA ■ Quality assurance ■ Software configuration management (SCM) ADDITIONAL STAKEHOLDERS ■ Account Team Representative if project driven by an account or customer The responsibilities are: Draco Key Roles and Functional Areas of Responsibilities: Name Functional Area Elaine Hamilton PgM – Draco Core Team Lead Chris Jackson Program Management Dave Vandeveer Program Management Hollie Dunham Program Management Ishay Shtainmetz Program Management Eti Wettenstein Program Management Pete Diashyn Program Management Black Program Management Gaurav Passi Product Management - Draco Pete Webb Product Management Ann Richeda Design Peter Nelson Foundation Development Steve Aubrey Foundation Development Gene Huang SJ Apps Development Shahaf Zafrir Israel Apps Development Pari Raccah PQA Coburn Watson NFT PQA KK Fong Configuration Management (Infra) Coby Sena Tech Pubs Eric Peterson Sales/Demo Development Michael Ransom Advocacy Engineering Sher Lynesther PSO Readiness Randy Rosenberg APS Kobita Rajan APS
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