Communication Planning For An Organization

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Communication Planning
Communication is one of biggest assert for any organization, it is one of the hardest part in any organization between higher management and employees. A good communication planning always reduce the misunderstanding between the employees and also by communication everyday some major changes occurs in the organization that will lead to success in any project. I think a good communication starts with good planning, so communication planning is very important in any organization to lead the employees in a right way.
When any organization planning to start a communication with the employees they must prepare a documentation like what things they need to discuss, what do they need to know and what they want to hear.
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There are many ways to overcome this miscommunication in the virtual team, like creating communication plans and implement the things in the organizations. One of the biggest challenges of virtual team is building and keeping up trust between the colleagues. Trust is basic for unblocking correspondence in the middle of individuals and managing inspiration of every individual included. The issue of trust needs extraordinary consideration at any phase of group presence.
Here some of the biggest challenges of virtual team I considered in the virtual team
 Misunderstanding from communication
 Difference in work ethics
 Lack of clarity and directions
 Distrust and suspicion
Misunderstand from communication:
Communication is a major part in any business, but if there is any misunderstanding between the employees it causes more loss than good. For example, in the poor communication the co-employees would be confused in the virtual team because employees will work from different countries and different places so there is more possible to confusion happen in the workplace. In virtual team employees have a good knowledge on the work but due to poor communication they are unable to perform well and it causes to lead the team in wrong path.
Difference in work ethics:
Working of virtual team is little bit tough in the organization especially in the end data of the project they are struggled
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