Communication Reflection

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Throughout the course of our lectures, I was exposed to a vast array of knowledge that contradicted misconceptions that often went unquestioned. For example, the majority of university courses reinforce the notion of information assimilation and solely use this method of teaching. As a result, I blindly accepted the superiority of information assimilation over other teaching strategies. However, this course revealed the deficits within information assimilation and further enlightened students regarding alternative teaching strategies; specifically, experiential learning. This revelation further drove me towards critically analyzing and questioning various norms within society. In particular, the pervasive use of cell phones presented an…show more content…
My cell phones directly afforded the ability to control various aspects of my daily with a simply press of a button. For example, I no longer had to travel to the kitchen to adjust the thermometer or to the basement to turn on the laundry machine. In order to accurately explain the implications of extensive cell phone use I often refer to opioid medications. To elaborate, opioid prescriptions are a tool that enable individuals with chronic conditions to function within society. However, in excessive quantities this tool becomes detrimental and negatively influences an individual’s life; specifically, through addiction. In relation to my life, my uninhibited use of a cell phone has become a deterrent to my health. Consequently, I decided to step outside of my comfort zone and abandoned my smart phone for a period of a week. Instead of using a smart phone, I traded with my mother for her basic flip phone. Initially, the proposition of living without a smart phone seemed impossible and presented significant difficulty. Through my years of using a cell phone, I unconsciously developed an immediate response of reaching within my pockets during boring moments or awkward situations. However, without the available of a smart phone I was required to encounter these moments in a productive and positive manner. For instance, I often found myself paying better attention in class, having meaningful discussions, and sleeping earlier

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