Communication Reflection Questions And Answers

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Intro. Something as simple as communicating can be both a positive and negative thing. Understanding the impact of individual differences across various situations such as explaining the extent of others when they use humor to interact with other people, or how our emotions come into play with other people and Communication traits enable us to be more accurate in out predictions on how others will send and receive messages. With the communication trait questionnaire it helped me learn more about communication behaviors and understand the impact of individual differences across various contexts such as the humor orientation, affective orientation, and argumentative orientation and how I ranked. Para 1. HUMAN ORIENTATION SCALE Assessment RESULTS. Para 1. My communication is general is pretty good occurring to the scale I ranked 44, which is pretty low on the human orientation scale maybe that would make me more of an introvert. I am a little shy at first then when I get to speaking to you and I see how your emotional intelligence is and I go off of that. I do like interacting with people, I just hang around a small knit of people but I am ok with that, less drama for me and more time to enjoy my life and get to know me better. I remember a time when I was on a step team and the first time I went on stage with my group to perform I felt like was about to have a heart attack but I finished the performance. I felt dry mouth and felt like I was about to faint. I think what It

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