Communication Research Studies

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Mapping the field of communication research regarding its institutionalization implies examining the graduate programs available, the journals published domestically, the fellowships in communication, and the public funding with its bureaucracy. They constitute some of the features that trace the extent and character of the configuration of the field and shape what has been done in Chilean communication research. Graduate studies in social sciences in Chile have been traditionally available in public and Catholic universities, institutions that had dominated the higher education landscape until 1981. By then, the dictatorship radically reformed the national system of higher education. Until then, the regulation was very strict regarding…show more content…
Finally, a few other institutions are working on two more PhD programs, but there is not an estimate for their opening dates . It is difficult to assess the theoretical contributions enhanced within these both doctoral programs because the University of Los Andes doesn’t have graduates, yet, while there are just two graduated from the Catholic University’s PhD in communication. Another outcome regarding the relative development of a field is the potential to organize and sustain academic publishing forums. Indeed, journals nourish a public sphere that fuels the scholarly debates within a specific area of knowledge. Journals might mobilize epistemological struggles, open up interdisciplinary perspectives, and set the standards for the field, among other functions. In this case, I describe the two longest published Chilean journals focused on communication: Comunicación y Medios (Communication and Media) and Cuadernos.Info (Notebooks.Info). Broader institutional and political contexts have shaped the sustainability, the scope, and the practices carried out by both journals since their inceptions . Comunicación y Medios is edited by the Instituto de la Comunicación e Imagen (Institute of Communication and Image, ICEI) at the University of Chile since 1981. On the other hand, Cuadernos de la Información, renamed as in 2009, was launched in 1984 by the College of Communication at the Catholic University of Chile. Professional
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