Communication Risks in Accounting Information System in the Commercial Banks of Pakistan

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The Communication risk between computer unit and internal control unit and its impact on the efficiency of Accounting Information System in the Commercial Banks of Pakistan

The modern world introduces new and new technology day by day, more and more innovation and invention in computer related technology. It have more effects in computerize accounting information system in banking sector of Pakistan by providing unique and quality services to their customers by using cutting-edge technology. It will help to diminish the risk of communication gap between the internal departments. The newest technology provides drivers to persist in modern era in banking sectors to overcome the risk of communication between the internal control of departments and its efficiency on accounting information system. Internal communication is very helpful to catch efficiency during driving banking system. It provides the directions in all aspects such as: capacity of maximum resources, capability and accuracy, communication of information, calculations and recordings, data and administrative control. The establishment of communication link between all parties through a local or worldwide network, parties includes internal departments, internal employees, bank branches, clients, suppliers, external employee, Govt. and all other related parties. Internet is the best example of network linkage between stakeholders of Pakistan banking sectors. Information technology is performing extreme
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