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Communication Channel Scenarios MGT/521 Management November 27th, 2011 Communication Channel Scenarios In business, how information is communicated is very important and has a lasting impression. Selecting the correct method ensures that everyone is aware of any changes being made and has a clear understanding of how the changes will be implemented. In this paper, the student is responsible for reading three scenarios and responding accordingly. Scenario 1 In scenario one, the student serves as the marketing manager for a new beverage that is doing well in the United States. Now the Vice President of operations wants the beverage to go global and the team must be made aware of product details so they can get started. In…show more content…
The IT department is contacted and the manager is made aware that the previous login and password expired. In this scenario, since the IT team is offsite, the best method of communication would be verbal. The IT department should be contacted by phone. The scenario states the problem only affected on application, so the team can be made aware of the new password and login through email. Email is the best method because it allows you to prove a brief description of the issue and update them with the new information. Using email ensures it is done quickly and reaches everyone. Scenario 3 In scenario three, the owner of a small editing company has ten employees. Business has been very slow and the only way costs can be cut is by reducing the number of employees from 10 to 6. Terminating employees is never an easy thing to do and you want your employees to know that you really care for them and it pains you to have to terminate them. The best way to convey sympathy is through a face-to-face meeting. By calling the selected individuals into an office, the owner can convey sympathy better through facial expressions and body language. While sympathy can be shown in an email, it will not be as personable as face-to-face would be. To make the employees aware of the reduction, an email or team meeting would suffice. Since this is a small company, a team meeting would be better. When companies are small, the employees usually develop a bond with each
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