Communication Skills And Interpersonal Problem Solving Skills Effect Adolescent 's Social Self Efficacy

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In his research Atilgan Erozkan examined how communication skills and interpersonal problem solving skills effect adolescent’s social self-efficacy, the belief in one’s own abilities. Before the study begins, Erozkan defines how communication, interpersonal relationships, and self-efficacy relate. Communication is a crucial element in forming long-lasting interpersonal relationships, which is an important aspect in adolescents developing positive self-efficacy (Erozkan, 2013). Adolescents begin to acquire life-long interpersonal relationships in high school. The quality of these relationships is highly dependent on the quality of communication that occurs between individuals (Erozkan, 2013). The relationships that adolescents create have a direct impact on their self-efficacy when creating new interpersonal relationships and communicating (Erozkan, 2013). Before Erozkan discusses interpersonal problem solving, the topic of interpersonal competency is outlined. This is because interpersonal competency, the development of communication skills, relies significantly on being able to effectively engage and understand interactions (Erozkan, 2013). If competent communication skills are not further developed than messages being sent during communication can become misunderstood (Erozkan, 2013). Since interpersonal relationships allow people to influence each other any problems that arise can have a profound impact on an individual (Erozkan, 2013). Therefore, Erozkan
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