Communication Skills And Leadership Skills

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A strong interest and need exist in the workplace today to be an effective leader. While some people assume that being a leader has its own skill assets, it is essential to know that people that withhold leadership positions in organizations need to have strong effective communication skills that suite their position. In fact, a recent study of recruiters from companies with over 50,000 employees cited that communication skills are the most important factor in choosing managers (Beebe and Mottet, 2016, p. 2). Communication skills are leadership skills. After conducting interviews with two leaders and researching leadership and communication skills, I’ve concluded it’s necessary for an effective leader to have 3 key communication skills. To…show more content…
56). A great story allows others to have an emotional connection to a concept. It ensures memorability and passion and fuels all those involved. It’s a way for leaders to embody the change they want to pursue and help employees make sense of the organization. As important it is to form a connection with your employees, it’s also important to manage conflict. Relational conflict at work is impossible to avoid. The ability to manage conflict is one of the most important skills a leader can have because if the conflict is ignored, it can get in the way of work and make a business less productive. The first interviewee explained a time where he assigned a task to his employees, and when one of his employees tried to contribute an idea, he unknowingly ignored the employee. He realized the next couple of days that the employee would slack off as well as give him the silent treatment. The second interviewee explained a time where an employee rudely responded to an email. He recognized that the email was misinterpreted and that he can come off a bit too callous. Both interviewees knowing that they are leaders and that it’s important to stay on good terms with everyone at work, they quickly decided to manage the conflict. The way both interviewees described their conflict management was like Stone’s 5 Step Process. Stone developed a five-step process for conducting a productive conversation when dealing with conflict. First, it’s crucial to
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