Communication Skills Assessment

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Communication Skills Assessment Bus 600 Week #3 Dr. Sherrie Lewis 08/12/2013 Thesis Statement Employees have a wide variety of communication skills. No matter your skill, to advance in the workplace takes constant self assessment and improvement. Personal Communication Skills. I chose the sales profession for a reason. One of my best skills is my personal communication skills. I excel at being able to communicate with all sorts of people. I am good at keeping a conversation going with people from all walks of life. I gained these skills by having a lot of interests and also from growing up poor with wealthy friends. I played many sports, but I also liked playing video games and card games. I was always around different…show more content…
If I wait a few times first, I will better be able to assess what type of person they are. After you assess your strengths and weaknesses you need to work on them. It is nice if you can be in a situation where you get additional training from your employee. If you aren’t, there are ways to get training outside of work. Additional Training I am lucky in my profession to have a lot of trainings on communication. About once a month I am involved in some sort of sales training. In sales, communication is an important skill in the job, so most trainings have some sort of communication training. Most of the trainings involves how to talk to a customer. Asking open ended questions is very important. Instead of asking a customer if their application involves an adhesive, you can ask them to tell you about their application. This gets a customer talking, where the other involves a yes or no answer (Denton, 2007). The other involves asking questions that are hard to say no to. You want to ask questions that the customer would almost feel not smart saying no to. If I ask a customer, “Do you want to hear more information about this product?” The customer can easily say no, or I am busy right now. If you ask a customer, “I have a product that is going to save you time and money, is this something you’re interested in?” The customer is most likely not going to say no. This is a
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