Communication Skills

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Communications Skills Reflect and describe which key concepts and topics in Federal Income Tax course have made you a stronger candidate to enter the business world. The basic concepts from the course that have improved my understanding of federal income taxes include: the discussion on the estate tax, the debate about the impact of raising / lowering taxes, issues concerning income tax reform and the challenges facing many independent auditors in the future. The combination of these factors has made me a stronger candidate by seeing how this is impacting a number of firms. This will allow me to introduce concepts that can help these companies to address critical needs by: imposing strict internal controls. (Wolfman, 2008) Any kind of firm that is following these practices will have less challenges in the future and greater amounts of transparency. The ideas and concepts that I learned from this course will help to improve my ability to identify and troubleshoot these weaknesses. When a firm has executives that are taking this kind of focus, it will lead to a transformation of the operating environment. This is because everyone knows that certain issues will not be tolerated (with the potential of someone blowing the whistle). In the future, this will change how everyone is conducting their jobs by: having an emphasis on being as forthright as possible (with the different stakeholders). (Wolfman, 2008) Discuss how this course has affected you in your professional
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