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The opportunities that I would provide for workers to express their feelings and emotions are: First of all being aware if one of your workers is upset or not their usual self. Ask whether workers would like to discuss their concerns with me and what I can do to help. They may prefer to send an email, where they have more time to look at what they really want to say. Ask what they would prefer and what they are more comfortable with. Promote an open door policy where the workers know they can come to me with whatever problem or issue they may have. Have regular feedback meetings and this would lead in to discussions on where they are going or would like to go. Have a policy in place where workers are encouraged to seek help if they are not comfortable to seek it at work. Have a policy in place where if a worker has concerns or grievances then they will be supported. They can speak with HR. There should be an…show more content…
As a manager it is my responsibility to make sure that the workplace has checks and balances. Let my workers know that certain behaviours and actions will not be tolerated. Have notices placed around the work environment where it states what those certain behaviours are. For example: Bullying, Harassment, Disrespecting your colleagues. Prompt and decisive action will be taken. When it comes to making workers aware of how their emotions and behaviours can affect others it is my responsibility to lead by example. If I have a worker who is angry then I need to find out why. Are they really angry or just frustrated? I would call that person to one side and calmly ask them to tell me what they are angry about. Say for example this worker is angry because they had worked really hard on a project with someone else and that other person took all the credit for the great work then yes I can
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