Communication Skills That Are Required When Carrying Out An Assessment Of A Service User

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The purpose of this assignment will be to explore the communication skills that are required when carrying out an assessment of a service user. The actions and skills that a nurse demonstrated during an assessment of a patient in her care will be discussed and analysed. The assessment was observed being undertaken on an elderly assessment ward within a Mental Health hospital, situated in the North West of England. In order to comply with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) Code of Confidentiality (2015), the service user’s identity will be protected by referring to him as ‘Mr Smith’. Mr Smith is a seventy nine year old male, with a diagnosis of dementia and who also has partial hearing loss. The nurse was observed taking Mr Smith’s blood pressure as part of his physical assessment. An analysis of the nurse’s communication skills towards Mr Smith will form the main focus of this assignment. Numerous communication skills will be looked at within this assignment, although there will be a particular focus on tone of voice and the use of touch.

Communication is defined by Kourkouta and Papathanasiou (2014), as the exchange of thoughts, feelings and information between individuals by using an array of different methods. As stated by Boyd and Dare (2014), verbal, non-verbal, visual and written are the main forms of communication used within health care.
Assessment is an essential part of nursing as it identifies a starting point that nurses can use to develop and implement a…
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