Communication Skills in Group Interaction Essay

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Communication Skills in Group Interaction

Abram maslow (1908) - deficiency needs for respecting and valuing individuals.

Tuckman (1965) m- four stages of group reformation

The actual interaction - this took place 18/12/10.30am

Seating pattern - dominating the group interaction

Seating pattern - effective group communication

Neil moonie (1996) - advanced health and social care


Martin Seligman (1975) - helplessness in communication (2)

Actual interaction - taken place on 4/02/03 at 2.30pm (1)

Neil moonie - advanced health and social care




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However, before this stage can take place there are such things which need to be taken into account, the main thing would be 'deficiency needs'. These have been put into a pyramid which is shown below:

It is important for any health and social worker to posses certain vital skills. They need to understand how important it is to communicate and interact with other, along with knowing and understanding their own individual needs. Basically Maslow (1) theory is explaining how an individual person should strive to develop their individual ability and potential. Before the individual can develop their own potential the levels in the pyramid will need to be met. This deficiency needs play a role in fulfilling individual needs, and it is therefore it is imperative that social and health workers are fully aware of these deficiency needs.

Communication that takes place in an early years setting has to that of a high standard to enhance the potential of the clients, especially when working with children because they tend to pick up on things much easier. Therefore teachers need to be trained, so they are fully aware of all their communication skills they use, this even means from the way they dress to the manner in which they speak to the children. Everything has to be adapted to the client's level, like the manner in which they talk. Usually they would talk
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