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Sears, roebuck & company | Communications Strategy | Legality of Reaffirmation Agreements | | Douglas Puckett | 6/20/2013 |

You have retained me to generate various strategies for communications in regards to the issues pertaining to your company’s questionable reaffirmation practices. This memo contains various strategies directed at a diverse array of stakeholders. |

To: Mr. Arthur Martinez (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer)
From: Douglas Puckett (External management consultant)
Date: [ 6/19/2013 ]
Re: Communication Strategy Memo
The bulk of the issues as I understand them are finding a manner to properly address the practice your company has been performing in regards
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This section is to provide a strategy for which the credit divisions can reflect upon.

The initial communication channel to these individuals should be to send a letter of dismissal. The key tactic here is the language used to persuade the signee that the company is empathetic. The language used can be one of the greatest abilities of communication. Depending on the style of language used, the intention can be view from a positive or a negative light. Included in this letter should be a positive reflection of the companies change in policy. Details should include empathy towards the signee’s situation and the companies understanding. Ask if they have filed bankruptcy; if so explain that a copy would allow discontinued efforts to collect. If they have not, explain understanding and ask that they do the best they can and wish them the best. Communications are received in a more favorable light from a friend then and enemy. Therefore become a friend.

The next step should be to reach out through alternative forms of communications. Emailing a similar more condensed letter to those whom have not responded is one form. It is important however through these communications not to develop and invasive nature, therefore it they can’t be overwhelmed with mass attempts. Next a call center should make direct contact through phones systems. Where the letter
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