Communication Structure of Standard Chartered Bank

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COMMUNICATION STRUCTURE OF STANDARD CHARTERED BANK A report submitted to the Department of English in part-fulfillment of the requirements of the Final Examinations in Business Communications, Fall 2008 Prepared and submitted by SUNSHINE Section: c Tazrin Mst. Nazia Zohora Fatema tuz Islam Md. Atikul Miah Abu Kausar Course teacher Professor Faizur Rashed Gullu Date of submission 4 December 2008 North Global University of Dhaka Page 1 of 25 4 December 2008 Prof. Faizur Rashed Gullu Course Instructor Business Communication North Global University of Dhaka Subject: Submission of our report Dear sir, We have the pleasure to submit our report titled ‘Communication Structure of Standard Chartered Bank’. This was a good opportunity for us…show more content…
In this bank most of the decisions are taken by top level management • Formal Language Those languages which are used inside office. In this bank they usually use to talk one another they simply use brother or sister. • Cross-cultural In a cross-culture there are two divisions high and low context Page 9 of 25 • Mass: Print Media Electronics Media Organizational Website Before communication can take place, a purpose, expressed as a message to be conveyed, is needed. It passes between a sender and a receiver. The message is encoded and passed by a way of some medium to the receiver, who decodes the message initiated by the sender. The result is transference of meaning from one person to another person. The key parts of the communication process are (1) the sender (2) encoding (3) the channel (4) decoding (5) the receiver (6) feedback. The sender initiates a message by encoding a thought. The message is the actual physical product from the senders encoding. When we speak, the speech is the message. When we write, the writing
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