Communication Style Of Tim Cook

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out the question from the audience before getting involved in answering the question ( As per his communication style, he is able to perform effectively in individual communication. However, in case of mass audience, he is unable to perform accordingly. The reason behind performing weak in front of a mass audience is his nervousness. In this context, he is able to manage in hiding his nervousness while delivering speech. Apart from that, communication style is not enough to create strong impact over the listeners. The individual should also have a prompt communication skill for attracting the audience towards the viewpoint. In case of Tim Cook, he is not that active with his physical gesture while addressing a mass audience (Schriver, 2012). As opined by (Hawkins & Fillion, 2012), communication style of Tim Cook can be more effective by considering some activities. The activities such as improving presentation and body language while communicating. Apart from that, a prompt decision should be delivered with sufficient energy. Rate of speech of Cook is very low, which probably prevents him from presenting his own statement. On the other hand, Arnold (2014) opposed that appearance of Cook is very formal, which is not feasible with the agenda of Steve Jobs. Jobs use to maintain his signature turtleneck and jeans. Thus, he was able to engage the audience towards his speech by providing qualitative materials as support. In case of Tim

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