Communication Styles And Methods For Resolving The Problems Essay

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Identify the process to communicate any problem and methods for resolving the problems. • Conduct a group meeting: This is the effective and efficient way to get the business information and messages conveyed and delivered among a group of team members. During the meeting any previous issues and future concerns are brought up for detailed discussion and a meeting minutes will be formed and distributed to the meeting participants after the meeting. • Send business emails: This method is opposed to the time consuming group discussion and meeting. By just sending the emails to all the required team members, staffs’ work will not be delayed by being pulled off from their conducted work. This communication method can also serve as the strong evidences for delivered business information. • Individual discussion: This communication method allows the participants to discuss some private and sensitive information face to face without creating any offending feeling. However both parties need to be aware of the communication styles and learn to compromise their opinions. • Conduct a group presentation: This communication style is best for the team members who are visual learners. They can accept new ideas via seeing the pictures and photos and prefer to learn under the formal learning environment. MS PowerPoint software can help facilitate this communication method. • Apply visual materials: Some staffs learn things faster by reading from a summarised information pack. Management
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