Communication Styles Between Men And Men

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Yesterday when I drive my friend to his house, he told me that their teacher cancel the class without sending them the email. My friend told me what happened to his friends he always use pronouns instead of their names. So when the story has more than one person involved. I always misunderstood what person he’s talking about. This kind of miscommunication are common between the opposite genders. Men and women see the world through different perspective. Their communicate styles are very different. One way to understand how men and women are different is to understand the way they communicate. Deborah Tannen, the university professor and Professor of Linguistics at Georgetown University, explains the different communication styles between men and women in her book You just don 't understand: women and men in conversation. The book gather the research done by Tannen and other experts in 1999. She uses her experience and her observations to explain her theories. Wondering if Tannen’s theories are still accurate in today’s society, I did some research and observation in the San Francisco Bay Area. And I found that most of Tannen 's theories are still accurate today, but some are not. In the section “Fighting for Friendship” the author Deborah Tannen reports that American boys build up their friendship through aggressive activates. Men see the conflict an important way to make connections with the others. She gives an example of the male students in the University of Michigan and
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