Communication Styles Both Verbal And Non Verbal Will Increase Effectiveness

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Introduction Engineers are required to develop sustainable solutions for the community. This includes understanding community protocols which provides respect and an optimised solution. Communication styles both verbal and non-verbal will increase effectiveness. Cultural awareness within an engineering team which is key to working effectively. Complying with the Australian code of ethics will ensure you are a successful engineer. Indigenous Community Protocols A community protocol is a system for which people can engage and communicate with other cultures according to their values. This involves understanding the culture and way of life. The Indigenous protocol provides understanding and respect to Indigenous views and cultural…show more content…
To provide good consultation will increase the relationship between you and your client because they will appreciate your willingness. Indigenous communities have a special respect for their land and country. According to Korff (JK) “The land owns Aboriginal people and every aspect of their lives is connected to it”. This means that you should acknowledge the land to which your are working with. One way to acknowledged the land is to consult with the appropriate people in that community before undertaking land modifications. Communication Styles Communication consists of verbal and non-verbal conversation. Effective cross-cultural communication between clients and colleges will improve you effectiveness. Face to face communication can be improved by considering you body language, verbal, and vocal cues. Many Indigenous cultures have deep respect for each other and must be treated in the same way. Indigenous people may be exposed to racism and discrimination. Understanding these impacts will help you discern certain situations. Always be patient as this will relax your client and relieve stress. Being honest and sincere will increase your willingness to help out. Verbal Communication Verbal communication can be improved by choosing your words and terminology wisely. For example Indigenous Australian people/s are “forbidden by traditional law to mention the first name” of
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