Communication Styles, Relational Uncertainty, Intimacy And Interference Impact On The Development Of Relationships

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Student Rationale The research article that I selected was interesting to me because it focused on romantic relationships. This information might be valuable information for me in the future. Also, this article is interesting to me because I am minoring in Interpersonal Communication and this article could help me gain knowledge. This article is related to communication because the main focus is about communication styles regarding irritations in romantic relationships. This article focuses on interpersonal communication which is one of the emphasis that we covered in class. In the article, it describes relational uncertainty, intimacy, the relational turbulence model, and conflict that arises within couple’s communication. It discusses the idea of how the relational turbulence model impacts direct communication based on intimacy and interference impact the development of relationships. Author Rationale The purpose of the study is to determine if three components of interpersonal relationship due to the turbulence model, relational uncertainty, intimacy, can correspond to the direct communication of irritations, affect a newly formed relationship. This study is important to determine how those concepts impact new relationships. This study is important because this study will help determine if intimacy, uncertainty relations, and direct communication is positively or negative associated with the development of a relationship. Previous research has been already done on
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