Communication Styles in Negotiation

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Communication Styles in Negotiation

Communication styles in negotiation are probably one of the most important skills or characteristics one will develop over a lifetime. From the point a human being begins to develop cognitive skills, the process of learning and understanding situations become more apparent. One will learn from a very young age the dynamics and characteristics of communication and its role in negotiation. To better understand the communication process, one must be able to recognize how they communicate, whether it is on an assertive, aggressive, passive, or passive-aggressive level of communication. The manner in which one conveys his/her message is critical, and the many methods in which they do it is
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In Negotiation fifth edition, threats are defined by five linguistic dimensions: polarizing, immediacy, intensity, lexical diversity, and high-power language style. Polarizing language is the choice of words when describing ones position to make it appear positive and the use of negative words when describing an opponent’s side. Verbal immediacy is the measurement given through vocabulary that lets the recipient of the message know the level of urgency affiliated with the message. Immediacy can be either high or low depending on whether one wants to engage or distance oneself from the other party. Language intensity identifies how strong one feels about the situation through use of vocabulary. Possible results of language intensity are either high or low depending on the level of feelings one wants to portray to the opposing party. Lexical diversity is the degree of vocabulary that one uses. Holding a rich vocabulary gives the impression of competence, while possessing a low level of lexical diversity gives the impression of inexperience. Last, the extent of a high-powered language style means the manner in which one uses language as the means of being effective. Using a low power language style is identified by politeness and hesitations; while using a high power language style is recognized by verbal dominance and clarity. Therefore
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