Communication Techniques For Nurses And Their Patients

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This report explores communication techniques that is used between nurses and their patients. It highlights the significance of effective communication in nursing care. This report is based on a video showing two different scenarios of how a nurse and her patient are communicating amongst one another. It breaks down both scenarios and discusses how communication is essential to nursing. The report explores and concludes that showing compassion and empathy as a nurse really supports and reassures patients as appose to being unempathetic and not providing patients with support, can make situations difficult.

Introduction: This report explores communication techniques that is used between nurses and their
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The nurse doesn 't show much compassion to the patient who is claiming she is in pain and the nurse from the night before did nothing to ease her pain. The nurse crosses her arms which suggests she 's a bit frustrated as to how the patient is speaking to her. The nurse urges doing observations on her before giving her medication and advises the patient that she is not the only patient the nurse has to look after. The nurse does state she will attend to the patient as quickly as possible. The patient threatens to see the supervising nurse if she doesn 't get pain relief soon. Both the tones in which the patient and the nurse are speaking suggests their frustration, more importantly the nurse not showing very much empathy towards her patient.
During the second video the communication approach changes completely. The nurse enters the room, speaks to her in a respectful manner, she leans towards the patient which shows she 's concerned about her patient. The nurse clearly provides information of the patients upcoming procedure that is scheduled for later in the day. The nurse provides the patient with full understanding of what is going to happen and how the patient will be taken care of. The way the nurse is speaking to her patient gives the sense of reassurance. The patient mentions how she is afraid of the upcoming procedure and the nurse is very
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