Communication Technology Research Project : How It Works, And Its Application

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Morgan Lucas
September 29, 2014
Survey of Mass Communication
Dr. Paul Jacoway
Fall 2014
Communication Technology Research Project Technology today is constantly growing and expanding into forms that we could never imagine, or we could but we just didn’t think it was possible. In any of the movies about the future we see amazing technology being put to use. I don’t know about you, but personally I always think to myself how far fetched it all seems. The new communication technology I chose really overwhelmed me at first. I couldn’t believe all the different ways it could be used for all different types of people and the lengths it could reach. The technology that I decided to write my paper on is called Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI). I will discuss what exactly BCI is, how it works, and its application in today’s world. Brain-computer interface is a technology that has been around for a while, however the technology has really taken off in recent years. The thing that makes this technology so dynamic is the fact that it can be useful to the everyday person in some applications and in other applications it can change the way people live. That means that the demographic of the targeted market is extremely diverse. Brain-computer interface is a direct link between the human brain and an external device, specifically computers. BCI can be used to aid, expand, or repair cognitive or sensory motor skills. What this means is, BCI can be applied in more of an entertainment sense
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