Communication Technology and the End of Childhood

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Each morning I would awake and wonder what adventure the day ahead would bring. Would it be playing families with my dolls? Or would my Bratz be taking a trip to the beach? Or would it even be a picnic in the wood down the road? Nowadays, children awake to reach for their iPad and for the rest of the day are absorbed in games that do not require any imagination to play. Honestly, I feel sorry for them. They no longer receive the opportunity to embrace that time of their life and therefore, grow up too quickly for them to enjoy the rightful innocence that childhood should be based around. Being the oldest child in my family, I still have an excuse to take out my old ‘Bratz’ dolls at the age of 16 and get away with it. For this I am so thankful. Though I have to endure growing up and writing multiple essays per week with a dash of studying, I can still lapse into a moment of freedom and childhood once more.
Some say that traditional playtime is over by the age of seven. Seven year olds are replacing their dollies and train sets with gadgets and computers. On a day to day basis, I frequently use technology to complete school work and I know that I would happily exchange it for toys! Though for the modern child, I suppose, seven is when children grow out of toys as they see adults using gadgets and want to copy them. Some children are completely reliant on technology by the age of nine. However I am not saying that technology is bad…

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