Communication Theories And Its Impact On The Data

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also been extended on the procedures integrated while collecting data and how the collected data will be analyzed and presented.
The fourth section is where the study results have been presented with a clear overview of the hypotheses that have been integrated in the study. Discussion of the results is another significant section of the paper that will provide a deeper interpretation of the collected and analyzed data. In this case, relevant communication theories, some of which had been addressed in the literature review, will be integrated and related to the results collected. The final section of the paper will be the recommendation and conclusion part, which highlights on the key insights that can be presented in accordance to the findings and discussion established. It is also where a comprehensive summary of the key points discussed in the paper will be presented.
Definition of terms
The following are some of the key words that have been employed in the study and their meanings.
a) Social media: - This refers to tools that are mediated by the computer for the purpose of allowing people to develop a platform of connecting with the rest of the world on matters such as politics, business ideas, or entertainment.
b) Political engagement: - The process of learning about politics and its impact in the lives of people, and can take place through the willingness of people to learn and build a strong background on political issues that are affecting people.
c) Civic…
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