Communication Through Technology : The Challenges And Uses Of Communication Through Technology

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Communication through technology has vastly changed within the past twenty years because of how modern day people are downloading apps to communicate with each other through pictures, videos, or even updates on where they are; apps create an easier, more convenient and fun way to communicate with each other. There are apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and Wechat that are becoming more trendy in ways of communication with people throughout the world. Technology is becoming more necessary every year because of how easy it is so access it and communicate with people. Nowadays, almost everyone has their phone with them and use it constantly, whereas before some people had phones and would send calls or emails. Some schools nowadays require their students to have an iPad or computer to make it easier to do projects, get information, or communicate with each other. Communication now has become easier and entertaining with the helps of apps such as Facebook, Instagram and Wechat. Facebook, founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, started off as an educational website for high schools and colleges and is now an app and one of the most popular forms of social media. Facebook is free to join and with millions of users, Facebook earns its wealth by advertisement. Advertisement is a huge form of communication because it is trying to get people to become familiar with their product. Yahoo and Google also want to buy Facebook because of how many users there are, “Yahoo and Google are among
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