Communication Throughout The K Household

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Circular Communication. Communication throughout the K household seems to be strong. There is a positive circular communication between AK and DK and BK. When BK tells her parents that she must use the bathroom and can make it to the toilet, she gets a sticker that she gets to put on her “potty chart.” The circular pattern diagram below (figure 4) shows this pattern. Figure 4. Circular Pattern Diagram
Problem Solving. When there is a problem, this family does well at recognizing it and concluding that everyone can agree upon. AK and DK communicate often throughout the day and deal with the problems at hand without making things into big unnecessarily. This family is good at “picking their battles” and only addressing problems that will
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Alliances and Coalitions. In the K Family, everyone gets along equally. BK and RK have an alliance, that RK may not even realize. When RK does something that BK thinks may get him in trouble, she tries to help take the blame, or tell her parents that he did not mean to do it. AK and DK also have an alliance, and work side by side to co-parent their children the best that they can.
Strengths and Problems A strength that the K family has is that they have a tight knit family connection with those that are a part of the internal and external portions of their family. Friends and acquaintances are important to them, but family comes before anything else. They are often going on long trips just to see other members of their family for the weekend. This shows just how much their family members mean to them. If not spending time with DK’s parents who live fairly close, they are visiting a member of AK’s family since it is rather large. These trips or visits aren’t forced; they are willingly taken. Another strength within the K Family is their financial stability. They created financial security for their family at a young age and made it possible for AK to stay home and spend quality time with the kids every day. This benefits them because they do not have to pay daycare costs, and AK gets as much time with their children as possible. Although staying at home with the children every day is a strength, it can also
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