Communication Toolkit

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Before I began this unit, I assumed I had a firm grasp on the English language. Throughout this unit I learned that I have much to learn. After reading Communications Toolkit, I opened my mind and was surprised at how much language entails and the principles for Written Skills. The KISS principle was interesting, as I learned about formal writing, using simple, direct language, avoiding redundant phrases and clichés, writing in active rather than passive voice and avoiding ugly English. Not having had much experience in formal writing, I was made aware of the fact that written language is just as important as oral language. I learned about the different styles of writing such as reports, narratives, recounts and many more that can help express points of view,…show more content…
I learned that many words we use in modern times have been adapted or taken from different cultures (gee and hayes). It was interesting to look at all the words we use, and find out their origin. I consider myself as a culturally aware person, however, working as a teacher’s aide in a very culturally diverse school, I did learn that some of the children from different cultures are seen as lazy or ignorant. In fact, this is because every culture is different and factors such as body language and eye contact mean different things. Non-verbal communication is just as important as written or oral, as it can assist in getting the message across when there is a language barrier. Anstey and Bull refer to ‘semiotic systems’ as the various ways in which meaning is communicated between people. As a teacher, my best approach to teaching will be to be aware of differences in children, and adapt lesson plans accordingly. I was made aware of multiliteracies which includes multimodal ways of learning through incorporating written, oral, visual, audio, gestural, tactile and spatial activities. I have enjoyed learning new ways to communicate, and realise that language empowers us and helps us to identify ourselves in
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