Communication With Patients And Patients Essay

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Communication with patients Surgeons are not considered an excellent delivery - in fact we can be filmed as the opposite - and after contact is the key clinical life we have. The most common clinical most of us will perform the procedure is a diagnostic interview. Then we need to move the diagnosis, diagnosis, and treatment options in a way patients understand. Our patients are often under stress and time pressure. We must break the bad news during the construction of the therapeutic relationship and to maintain hope. Many of us will participate at the end of life care and we must learn to be sensitive and directly with our patients. Communicate with our colleagues is happening in a fast paced environment and where it can be distracting for errors can cause great damage. Many medical and surgical errors have their roots in the contact group and the group 's work. Contact organizer tools designed for such environments, for example contact SBar 's, is being promoted to improve clinical care and reduce error. The communication skills are directly linked to better outcomes for patients in many environments practice [1], and can be studied communications, science, and evaluation [2]. The recently introduced COSECSA OSCE assessment of communication skills in examinations MCS stations. The purpose of this review is to discuss the literature related to education and learning, and assessment of communication skills in the process of African surgical practice. Medical
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