Communication Within Multinational Organizations

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Introduction Communication is an integral aspect of any multinational operation. Due in part, to globalization, managers throughout the organizational structure must use communication to effectively motivate personnel. To effectively do so, managers must be cognizant of the varying cultural dynamics prevalent within the organization. Aspects such as collectivism, individualism, power distance, and authority orientation, all affect communication within an organization. Furthermore, the manner in which the overall communication occurs is also important. Whether its marketing material, a personal conversation, or a group meeting, the manner in which the communication occurs is an fundamental part of its effectiveness. Therefore, multinational organizations must juxtapose the immediate business needs of the organization with its communication standards and practices, to obtain the optimal form of employee motivation. This, as it sounds, is very difficult to achieve. However, through the use of proper channels, training and understanding, communication within multinational organizations can be dramatically simplified (Engel, 2008). Cultural Impact on Communication In his article, "Cultural influences on knowledge sharing through online communities of practice," Ardichvili, describes how culture affects the overall communication within an organization. As he illustrates in the article, the manner in which culture and communication interact, has a profound impact on the
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