Communication Within The Family Context

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This essay is about communication within the family context, this consist of mental health issues, depression, anxiety, and the difficulties that had occurred along the way which included a lot of negativity responses from my daughter, I will analyse this towards Kaye’s (2014) Matryoshka dolls that will relate to adult communication management, and to further explore other communication aspects that relate to communication.
I had realised that depression and anxiety were starting to arise in my daughter, when she was beginning secondary school as she was under great stress to change schools, as she was safe at primary school and did not feel safe beginning of secondary school, I had to work out some strategies to manage her stress, I needed to have a strong understanding to work out the difficulties that my daughter would face and to attempt to put the negative communication into positive, as she was always putting things in a negative context. The problems with negative communication is to communicate effectively, as my daughter would be argumentative and very critical of my positive communication, (Bacal, 2015) suggests that a person that communicates negativity always provides the other person with criticism, and provides causes why this and that doesn’t work and they will always tend to put holes into your suggestions and reasons, which this kind of communication can be very challenging.
The steps I had to proceed was to reflect my thinking, according to (Thompson &…
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