Communication Within The Surgical Team

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4 C’s Communication: Communication within the surgical team was extremely efficient. Everyone was very informative with one another, which helped the procedures move smoothly and effectively. All surgical procedures began with verification of the patient, surgical procedure, and surgical site. Although, in the article, “Why a RN in the OR?” explained that every member of the surgical team performed the verification individually, in this case, the circulating nurse simply read aloud the patient’s information along with stating the surgical procedure and site. Moreover, throughout a majority of the procedure, most of the communication consisted of the surgeon and the surgical technicians. The surgeon was mainly the individual to give commands and was very explicit in explaining what he was doing and what he was about to do in order for the surgical technicians to be prepared to hand him what he needed. Furthermore, as in the article described, the circulating nurse monitored aseptic practices and informed the surgical technicians to place objects that were no longer sterile in a specific bin. There was also a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA), that monitored the patients’ vitals throughout the entire procedure and periodically gave the rest of the surgical team updates regarding the patient’s condition. Specifically, during an inguinal hernia repair, the patient began to cough during the procedure; however, the CRNA wasn’t able to witness it since he was behind
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