Communication , a Key Concept in Nursing Practice

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Communication a Key Concept in Nursing Practice Communication is a process that occurs within physical and social contexts regularly. Whitehead et al (2008. pg. 63) .The aim of this essay is to discuss Communication as a concept of Professional Nursing Practice. Presently, communication is an area of benchmark the government is focusing on to improve the quality of nursing care. The Department of Health [DH] [2001] explained that communication comprises of a number of skills used to promote professional practice. These skills will be identified and used appropriately to promote the health of the patients. The writer will use some of these communication skills to demonstrate the impact on the care nurses provide in line with the NMC…show more content…
By being Non Judgemental, nurses can build clients trust. (Chamber and Ryder.2009) ‘If nurse cannot accept patient’s value, the development of nurses and patient relationship based on trust is minimised.’ Therefore, assumption about Patients and stereotyping should be avoided as much as possible. Nursing should give the patient the opportunity to express themselves, no matter how long it takes to pass the information to you. This makes them feel valued and appreciated. The purpose of Record keeping is to serve as evidence and to have an account of the care and treatment given to patient. It allows progress to patient’s health to be monitored and a clinical history to be developed to allow continuity of care by facilitating treatment and support.( Griffith And Tengnah. 2008). NMC (2008) sees recording as a very important tools in support effective communication. The NMC states that ‘all nurses must ensure that the Health Care Record for the patient is an accurate record of treatment, care planning and delivery’. Therefore nurses should carry out effective listening skills towards information given or received about patient care and treatment during a handover within a team and also read the entire necessary document on daily progress to be up to date with information. Turner (2009) mentioned that ‘Listening is used at least three times as much as speaking and at least four times as much as reading and writing. Listening is an essential skill

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