Communication and Body Language

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When people communicate, they hardly notice their body languages. They do not realize that their body language is just as powerful as their words. Communication can be affected by the body language. Through body language, two people can communicate without ever saying anything. Through body language people can predict which certain characteristic a person posses. These characteristics can be masculine, feminine, or androgyny. Body language includes body hand gestures and other non verbal methods of communication. Nonverbal communication can be affected not only based on society’s view of a particular sex and what its characteristics should be, but also one’s cultural beliefs. Body language is very important to study and understand because …show more content…
Every culture is different in its perception of what characteristics a male and a female should posses. While these cultures may exist within one society, they vary in their method of communication. According to Hall, 1990, Whites are more likely to use verbal communication than non whites. Many people from different culture are somewhat ethnocentric. Ethnocentricity therefore makes it difficult to respect each other’s method of communication. Nonverbal communications are more likely to be misread by someone outside of that particular culture, than verbal communication. However, within the same culture, non verbal communication can still be misunderstood. Many people for example in India are allowed to greet the opposite sex with a kiss on the cheek; whereas, in a place like Japan, this type of behavior is forbidden not only between the opposite sexes, but among the same sex. Instead of kissing each other on the cheek, their culture requires them to bow. In places like Italy, both genders are allowed to kiss each other on the cheek, but in places like the Middle East, a man is forbidden from kissing a woman on the cheek. The men are only allowed to kiss members of the same sex on the cheek as means of greeting. Friendship among the same gender also differs from one culture to another. In Middle Eastern, Asians, and many other countries, two men holding hands and walking down the street does not symbolize homosexuality.
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