Communication and Closure Plan

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Communication & Closure Plan Communication Plan The communication plan is one of the most important parts of the entire project plan. Many projects fail because of poor communication either amongst the project team or with communication with stakeholders. In the warehouse relocation project, the communication plan will have to include continual communication with the project team and will need to communicate with the stakeholders and project champions during the completion of the milestones or if any significant event deviates the project from its plan. There is literally millions of dollars at stake in this project and therefore communication must be effective to ensure the project's success. The project's performance and progression should be transmitted to the stakeholder's at all appropriate time intervals and these meetings are generally scheduled along with project milestones. Despite reporting at all of the various milestones that are identified in the project's scope, the stakeholders should also be notified of any significant deviations from the original project plan. One example of such a significant deviation could be any instances of scope creep or any significant activities that are over-budget and will require additional financial resources. The project team should have regular formal meetings at more frequent intervals so that they can exchange information and keep the team members abreast of any significant developments. Closure Plan The closure
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