Communication and Collaboration

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Communication and Collaboration
Nicole Martin
Instructor: Ms. Z. Dabney
University of Phoenix – Online Campus

In this paper I will indentify various learning types and personality types. I will also develop strategies for communicating and collaborating effectively within group of people with different learning team learning styles and personality types. There are three basic learning styles. The most common are visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. To learn, we depend on our senses to process the information around us. Most people tend to use of their senses more than the others. There are four different personality types are the organizer, adventure, giver, and thinker.
Types of Learning Skills
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This person likes to know what is going in the community so they can see what they can do to help. These people will most likely take positions in politics or in health care so that they can work with people that may need help. These people may start their own businesses so that they can employee people that are in there area so that there will be less unemployment.
A person who is classified as a thinker devotes a lot of their time thinking about many different things. This person may also participate in the art of meditation which helps them to think deeply and without interruption. This person takes time to think about why things happen in a certain way. This person is a reasonable thinker and will think before they act. This person likes to know how other people think so that they can try to figure out why they think that way. This person will most take up a profession that deals with philosophy so that they can analyze how the world and the things in it work.
How I will deal with people with different learning styles and personality types?
In order to deal with people with different learning styles and personality types the first thing to do is to get the people in order to see how they work the best. The next thing would be to ask them how they feel about different things so that you can develop a list of strong points and weak points. Once the lists of strong and weak points are developed you ask each person to do the task that
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