Communication and Collaboration Strategy

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Communication and Collaboration Strategy Paper
Vicky Davis
Aug 23, 2010
Axia College of University of Phoenix

Communication and Collaboration Strategy Paper
Communication and collaboration is a major key to any learning assessments. Every person has different styles of learning three of the learning styles are visual-spatial, body-kinesthetic and verbal linguistic. Each person has a different type of personality to help develop communication and collaboration effectively. Three types of personality types are thinker, organizer, and giver. Developing strategy and combining learning style and personality style will ensure that the communication and collaboration of each learning assessment is effective.
A person with a
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So givers are verbal learners and often visual as well, using whiteboard or PowerPoint document to present material an ideal technique for communicating and collaborating. A giver wants to think he or she contributions make a difference and are concerned about others opinions.
A person with logical/mathematical styles and thinker styles work well together. A person with such styles enjoy solving complex problems, superior with taking metrics or following up after a project is implemented by measure success. A thinker and organizer would work well together as well for they both are logical. A thinker can present material on a whiteboard by drawing a diagram, chart, or other ideas like brainstorming. Once all ideas are presented the followup action is discussed once concept or topic at a time, all logical concepts are taking into consideration and the most logically answer will be discussed.
By combining both learning styles and personality styles communication and collaboration are effective once a strategy is created. Once one finds each learning style and personality styles each person will be able to offer his or her best work to a group. If ever working in a group, one must always leave room for error and understand that not everyone learns or communicate the same way. This is why one must always keep an open mind and listen to each individual opinion or concerns to work as a group to make
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